About Us

In the Begining

Corn Shredding Autumn Harvest days had their very first show in 1999. Dwain Gerken had the idea to bring back history in a way that he himself, along with other family and friends could teach and preserve the history on the farm. That is when this non-profit organization first came to life. 

Growing Throughout The Years

Dwain Gerken has achieved 18 years in a row of successful shows. Throughout the years the show has grown larger and larger. In the year 2006, Corn Shredding Autumn Harvest Days became part of the State Corn Husking Competition. 

What Is To Come

With the help of all of our neighbors, friends, volunteers and our sponsors the show will continue to grow. Each year there is a certain tractor that is featured. For 2018 Case will be the featured tractor.